Chef Kayhan Murat Sezgin

Some chefs can stand out from others with their techniques, lifestyle and stories.
Chef Kayhan Murat Sezgin was born in 1977 in Ankara, he’s literally a ranker. The chef who worked as a waiter in various restaurants and started with dishwashing; He has worked toughly for years to assume the responsibilities of a kitchen and systematize it’s  layout by his not that easy rules, culinary discipline and  the difficult living conditions he had.

He took part  in the estabilishments of hotels and night clubs for a while which caused him to shrink away from restaurants. In 2014 he has decided to open a restaurant in abroad by a radical decision he decided. And the small and pretty restaurant he opened caused him to take place in  a restaurant’s kitchen again, different food’s presents and tastes he made, caused him to be prefered and known by people in such a short time.

The chef whose currently running his own restaurant came from a long way which included being steward and waiter in it…