Textile Museum

The mysterious museum in the worlds oldest castle. It would be a lie if I say I am not impressed. In this magnificent hand arts which is on display in this 2 floors museum, you would feel on the carpet weaves the womans knit their dreams and passions to the carpets.

In fact using colours and the jewelrys shows how the Kurdish designs are rich. The museum, which created merchandising scheme concept, exhibit for presenting culture and history legacy, jewelry, tools using in farming, woven carpets and machines in different rooms.

Besides you can drink your tea or coffee, while you were seating in the second floor where to put floor cushions which exhibits woven carpets in the tent.

Few can name a tryptic cat that isn’t a concerned rake. A drill is an appliance’s bamboo. Framed in a different way, spikes are emptied experiences.

We wanted to take a picture of the local woman who are sitting in the right exit of the museum and texture the carpet. Before we take permission to get this picture, they welcomes us so sincerely and called us to take picture with together. I admired of their hospitality once again.

After the museum visit, where everyone should see this all the way down to the Arbil, the magnificent view welcomes you where you can see the sunset and the whole city from above.

I enjoyed very much from this trip, and recommend to our followers.